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 It is our hope that those who see our  documentary, will be inspired and touched. It is our prayer that all who read the book "Women's Voices: The Wisdom of the Grandmothers" and all see the our film will be emboldened to follow their own path, enlightened in their despair, enriched in their sense of who they are and embraced by the love and the beauty that surrounds us. Our prayer and our goal is also that the voices of all women will be heard throughout the world, and that as we listen, we will heal not only ourselves and future generations of women, but our mother earth as well.

 Women's Voices: The Wisdom of the Grandmothers is currently back in print and available as an e-book.Get it now on! The e-book is free to Amazon Prime members. 

If you would like to schedule a film screening of "The Wisdom of the Grandmothers"

and a discussion about the messages of the film,  how to involve elders in your community, and the role grandmothers can play in society today, please contact Susan Stark Christianson at 907-209-7231 or email

Joshua Tree Screening

Thank you so much for the screening and fundraiser at the home and studio of Bobby Flay in Joshua Tree, California on April 15, 2016.

Center for Positive Living-Sedona, Arizona

We had a wonderful gathering at the Center for Positive Living in Sedona, Arizona on April 14,

United Nations Association Tucson Arizona

The United Nations Association in Tucson hosted a wonderful screening event on April 12.

Tolerance Education Center - Rancho Mirage, CA           

Our screening at the Tolerance Education Center in Rancho Mirage, California was attended by Patricia Richards, (center in white), one of the grandmothers interviewed in the film.

Women's Circle, Loveland, Colorado

Mary Ellen Uptain  (Standing second from the left) - also in the film - hosted a screening for her women's circle in Loveland, Colorado.

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Rainbow Stew- Yucca Valley, CA

Rainbow Stew , 55509 Twentynine Palms Highway  in Yucca Valley, hosted a wonderful standing room only event!


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Check out our current air dates on Public Broadcasting Stations in your area. If you don't see the documentary on the schedule, please contact your local station and let them know you would like to see it aired. Thank you.

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Thank you to the organizers of the Joshua Tree Film Festival for giving us the 2016 Peace Award.